April is a promise that May is bound to keep.Hal Borland


Happy Easter friends!   

Here are April’s generosity and giving updates.






What ideas might you use from the attached April and May  Generosity, Giving & Gratitude Seasonal Ideas?  Take a look at the attached April and May ideas! >> 2018 April Generosity Giving Gratitude Ideas  >> 2018 May Generosity Giving Gratitude Ideas



Don’t forget to check the Mission & Service numbers at http://www.stewardshiptoolkit.ca and clicking on the Mission & Service “Weekly Giving Update” on the left hand side of the screen. 


A Giving Program That Works: Loving Our Neighbours 2018 — April 25, 2018  1-2:30pm ET

How to Ask from the Pulpit — May 16, 2018  1-1:30pm ET / 10-11:30am PT

April 11, May 9, and June 13 at 7pm ET.  A series of 90 minute workshops to help unravel some of the crucial responsibilities of being a Church Treasurer. To learn more and register for the webinars go to https://www.united-in-learning.com/index.php/webinars.


Ever wonder what kind of a difference we’re making? The United Church of Canada through the Edge Network has help fund a very interesting initiative called The Halo Project.


Philip Milley from the Canadian Council of Christian Charities has commented on the Phase 1 report noting that the study of ten congregations in Toronto contributed a total of $45 million of economic value to the city based on a combined budget of only $10 million. “In simple terms, the dollar value of having a church in a community is about 4.5 times its annual budget. The difference is called the “halo effect”, which is due to the church’s contributions to social capital and infrastructure, its programs for individual impact and community development, and other activities which add value. Rather than being a drain on the community in terms of lost property tax revenue, or a drain on Canadian taxpayers because of the donation tax credit, churches are net economic contributors to Canada and their local communities.”  To read the study go to http://www.haloproject.ca/phase-1-toronto#methodology.



Kathryn Hofley
Financial Development Officer, serving the Prairie Region
The United Church of Canada/L’Église Unie du Canada
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Called to be the Church

The Called to Be the Church Program Guide has arrived in your congregation and can also be found online.  Please click here for the Program Guide.

This is an opportunity for you to

Get ready now – in February you will have received the 2018-2019 Resource Kit, Called to Be the Church – Loving our Neighbours, with ALL the tools you’ll need to carry out your giving program.  The Resource Kit and many additional resources are also available online here >> Stewardship Tool Kit

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Kathryn Hofley
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