Ministry Personnel: Are you planning to retire before September 01, 2019?

If you are 1. ministry personnel and planning to begin collecting pension before September 01, 2019, or 2. someone who has been collecting pension but continued working so chose not to be honoured as a retired pensioner by the wider church and is now ceasing to work and would like to be recognized as retired as of 2019 or 3. Order of Ministry  who were not contributing to the pension in the UCC who would now like to be recognized by the UCC as retired, the Regional Council Office would like to know no later than April 15,2019. Please email Cherry Abad ( .As many of you are aware it was the practise in the former Conference of Manitoba & Northwestern Ontario  as part of the Annual Meeting to honour retirees at a banquet and invite them to address those gathered. Similar plans are being put in place for the 2019 Inaugural Meeting of Prairie to Pine Regional Council in Brandon, Manitoba. Some names have been passed on to us by former presbyteries, but we certainly do not want to miss anyone.

In order to  begin collecting pension, ministry personnel currently in a pastoral relationship must:

* submit a written request  for a change in pastoral relations  for the purpose of retirement to the Community of Faith, the Office of Vocation ( and the Regional Council ( Pastoral Relations Commission in Prairie to Pine Region c/o

* complete the following form and submit it as per instructions on the form ( which may be updated soon):

*call the United Church Pension and Benefits Center ( 1- 855-647-8222) or email:  to request a retirement package  at least 90 days prior to your proposed date of “retirement”. Figures in packages vary depending on date chosen so you must have the exact date when requesting your package.

In June 2018, some changes were made in both language used and practises around retirement:

It is no longer mandatory for Ministry Personnel who must begin collecting pension because of government requirement at age 71, to end their pastoral relationship.  Some may choose to continue working. When Ministry Personnel choose to begin collecting pension, then there are requirements related to ending and/or changing pastoral relationships . They are now required to wait thirteen weeks after beginning to collect pension to re-engage in any employment within the United Church. If they are re-engaging, there must be a change in status and function ( i.e. significant change in position substance or percentage time if in same location or shift to a different pastoral relationship).

If you have questions about these matters, please contact the Pastoral Relations Minister, Judy Hare 

( 204-421-8151)



Information for Ministry Personnel Applying for Positions in Prairie to Pine Region 

The new procedures for processing of Pastoral Relations matters through CHURCH HUB are not yet ready for implementation, so in the meantime, we in Prairie to Pine Region will be operating on a modified version of the Effective Leadership processes we have been testing since July 2013:

Thank you for your interest in the possibility of ministering with the people of Community of Faith within Prairie to Pine Region.  May the Spirit be with you in your discernment during the search process.

For further information contact:

(Rev.) Judy Hare, Pastoral Relations Minister,                                
Prairie to Pine Region                                                       
Office: 204-233-8911 ext. 3



Elsie Douglas, Corresponding Secretary,  Pastoral Relations Commission

Positions Available

Please note that all applications must be submitted through ChurchHub. There is no direct contacting of Communities of Faith, as all applicants must first be cleared by the Office of Vocation as eligible for consideration.

Note: There is no contact, email or phone numbers noted below.

(in alphabetical order – 18 vacancies)

Note: COFP = Community of Faith Profile


Beausejour – St. Paul’s United Church

COFP: >> 2019 St. Paul’s UC-Beausejour

Type of Ministry: Half-time (20 hrs/wk) OM/DM/DLM

Starting Date:  July 1, 2019

The congregation of St. Paul’s United in Beausejour MB is a community of all ages and stages of life, each with unique gifts. We find God with one another and strive to nurture relationships of care and compassion. We are interested in becoming an Affirming Church. We have a growing and active Sunday School with two age levels.

Our priority is for a half time, ordained, diaconal or designated lay minister who will provide and deliver four services per month and crisis care when needed as well as one day a week at the church.  Our members are responsible for office administration; regular pastoral visiting, bulletins and church maintenance. Board meetings are held after church once a month except July and August.


Carberry United Church

COFP: >> 2018 Carberry United Church

Type of Ministry: Full-time OM/DM/DLM

Starting Date: July 1, 2018 – as soon as possible

A warm and caring congregation, of all ages, awaits you in a rural community just 30 minutes east of Brandon, MB. Carberry United Church offers a full-time, one-point charge, and is looking for someone to lead us in faith, both within the church and the broader community.  We are enthusiastic and excited to see what God has in store for us on this next leg of our journey: are you meant to share it with us?


Cloverdale United Church

COFP: >> 2017 Cloverdale United Church 

Type of Ministry: Part-time (8 hrs/wk) OM/DM/DLM

Starting Date:  February 15, 2018- as soon as possible

Cloverdale is blessed with many resources, but the greatest of these is our people.  Our members are creative and humorous, yet supportive and compassionate.  Cloverdale is a country church at its finest.


Flin Flon- Northminster Memorial United Church

COFP: >> 2018 Northminster Memorial United Church

Type of Ministry: Full time OM/DM/DLM

Starting Date:  November 15, 2018- as soon as possible

Searching for an ordained, diaconal, or designated lay minister for a full time ministry position to begin as soon as possible for a well established congregation serving a culturally diverse region in the heart of the Canadian Shield. Flin Flon is the Service Centre of the North with a vibrant arts and cultural community set in the middle of a Northern playground.


Fort Frances-Knox United Church

COFP: >> 2018 Knox United Church-Cambrian Presbytery

Type of Ministry: Full-time OM/DM/DLM/OS

Starting Date: August 1, 2018- as soon as possible (appointment in process)

Knox United Church is seeking a full time ministry appointment to lead and inspire our church family to serve God through serving others, sharing our commitment to be an accessible, welcoming meeting place for our community partners. Fort Frances is family oriented border town on beautiful Rainy Lake. Our residents enjoy a variety of cultural and year round recreational activities in a nature lovers paradise, while still within hours of three major cities – Thunder Bay, Winnipeg and Minneapolis.


Gladstone United Church

COFP: >> 2019 Gladstone United Church

Type of Ministry: Part-time (30 hrs/wk) OM/DM/DLM

Starting Date: August 1, 2019

Established congregation in rural community seeks 3/4 time dynamic, creative and faith-driven Minister. Minister is responsible for leading worship 3 Sundays per month, taking an active role in including and encouraging children to be part of worship. Minister will act as a primary point of contact for congregants and committee members for pastoral care, support, and direction and is encouraged to be a presence in the church community and neighbourhood, participating in wider church and community events.


Hamiota Pastoral Charge

COFP: >> 2017 Hamiota

Type of Ministry: Full-time OM/DM/DLM

Starting Date: July 1, 2017- as soon as possible

This warm rural community with dedicated lay leaders has a community focus.  They support a number of outreach projects and run the local thrift shop.  They seek a minister that can help keep the church relevant for future generations.  


McKenzie United Church

COFP: >> 2019 McKenzie United Church-Portage la Prairie

Type of Ministry: Full-time OM/DM/DLM

Starting Date: August 1, 2019

Full time minister who will provide worship leadership and Christian Education to the congregation of McKenzie United Church. They will be visible to the community and will provide pastoral support and visitation to members of McKenzie United Church as required.


Miami Pastoral Charge

COFP: >> 2018 Miami Pastoral Charge

Type of Ministry: Part-time (30 hrs/wk) OM/DM/DLM

Starting Date: October 1, 2018- as soon as possible

Miami Pastoral Charge is looking to welcome a 3/4 time (30 hours per week) minister to serve the Miami United Church.  We are a beautiful, vibrant, small community with a great deal to offer.


Neepawa United Church

COFP: >>2019 Neepawa United Church

Type of Ministry: Full-time OM/DM/DLM

Starting Date: July 1, 2019

Historically part of a multi-point pastoral charge, Neepawa United Church is now a single congregation seeking a full-time minister. Our Ministry is all inclusive reaching well beyond our regular church attendees. It is stable, financially viable and welcoming to all. Our marriage policy is inclusive and does not exclude based on gender identity and sexual orientation.


Niverville United Church

COFP: >>2018 Niverville United Church 

Type of Ministry: Part-time (30 hrs/wk) OM/DLM

Starting Date:  March 1, 2019

At Niverville United Church, you don’t have to prove anything, defend anything, or be anything other than what you already are and a beloved child of God. All are welcome to explore life together as people seeking a community of compassion, hospitality and justice.


Rivers Pastoral Charge

COFP >> 2018 Rivers Pastoral Charge

Type of Ministry: Half-time (20 hrs/wk) OM/DM/DLM/RO/RDM

Starting Date: July 1, 2019 -as soon as possible

The congregation of Rivers United Church is seeking a half-time minister who has a passion for worship and community building. We are looking for a minister with good communication skills and the ability to preach relevant sermons and provide leadership. There are other half-time ministry opportunities nearby and we would gladly welcome an arrangement with a neighbouring pastoral charge.


Rock Lake Pastoral Charge

COFP: >> 2018 Rock Lake Pastoral Charge

Type of Ministry: Full-time OM/DM/DLM

Starting Date: July 1, 2018- as soon as possible

A friendly and caring congregation of all ages awaits you in a rural community that includes three places – Clearwater, Crystal City and Pilot Mound. Rock Lake Pastoral Charge is a full-time one point charge, and we are looking for someone to lead us in faith, both within the Church and broader community.


Roland Pastoral Charge

COFP: >> 2019 Roland Pastoral Charge

Type of Ministry: Half time (20 hrs/wk) OM/DM/DLM and Student Supply

Starting Date: July 1, 2019

Our ministry is primarily focused on members and adherents of our congregation, but also take advantage of opportunities to serve the wider church. We are a friendly community of faith. Our members are concerned with and support a mission and service fund, local women shelter, Winnipeg Harvest. We have an active Worship Committee and Ministry and Personnel Committee.


Sioux Lookout- St. Andrew’s United Church

COFP: >> 2018 St. Andrew’s United Church (Sioux Lookout)

Type of Ministry: Half-time (20 hrs/wk) OM/DM/DLM/OS/DS/RO/RD

Starting Date: September 1, 2018- as soon as possible

A Ministry Resource Position, half-time (20 hours per week) up to Category F, cost of living group 2, in Sioux Lookout, Northwestern Ontario, is available for ordained, diaconal or designated lay minister. This affirming congregation with strong social justice focus, strong lay leadership and excellent music program, is seeking a minister to work with lay leaders to promote team development and to support pastoral care. This position could be shared or paired with another congregation in the region, including Anglican or other United Church partner, in person or through internet technology.


Souris- St. Paul’s United Church

COFP: >> 2018 St. Paul’s United Church (Souris)

Type of Ministry: Part-time (30 hrs/wk) OM/DM/DLM/RO/RD

Starting Date: October 1, 2018- as soon as possible

We are a friendly, positive congregation who are very proud of our church. We are seeking an individual who has strong leadership skills and can inspire us on faith and provide optimism toward meeting our goals. This is a part-time (30 hrs./week) position.


St. Mary’s Road United Church

COFP: >> 2019 St. Mary’s Road United Church

Type of Ministry: Part-time (30 hrs/wk) OM/DM/DLM in team

Starting Date: September 1, 2019

Seeking a passionate community builder who can see the potential in people and can bring out their best. Someone who loves working with volunteers to build exceptional programs. Someone whose ministry is about helping others find their ministry in the church and the world. Someone who has experience developing leaders and believes that we are all leaders in the roles we play. Someone who has a special passion for children and youth ministry, being a nurturing minister to and with them, and helping develop leaders who can run programming designed to meet their needs. Someone who is exceptionally collaborative and prepared to work with, motivate, challenge and develop a committed and engaged volunteer base. Someone who can help engage and challenge our congregation to fully live out our vision of disciples active in the world. Someone to work in team with our full-time ordained minister taking primary responsibility for the areas of Christian education and pastoral care.


Swan River – St. Andrew’s United Church

COFP: >> 2019 St. Andrew’s United Church-Swan River

Type of Ministry: Half-time (20 hrs/wk) OM/DM/DLM

Starting Date: September 1, 2019

We are seeking a minister to be a spiritual leader of the congregation, facilitating its spiritual growth through worship, education, outreach, encouragement and support. Comfortable with all ages especially the older generation and with some ability to find a balance between risk-takers and those who are more cautious.












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