Changes in the Pastoral Relations Processes in the Conference of Manitoba & Northwestern Ontario
At the Conference Executive meeting in November, 2016 the Executive of the Conference of Manitoba & Northwestern Ontario approved the expansion of the Effective Leadership and Healthy Pastoral Relationships (ELHPR) project in our Conference as of January 1, 2017. This expansion of responsibilities will include what was known as the Joint Needs Assessment (JNAC) process as well as the Joint Search (JSC) process.  Briefly what this means is that the process and documents associated with needs assessment has undergone some revision and will be resourced by members of the Conference Settlement Commission, not the Presbytery Pastoral Relations Committees as was the case in the past. The details of these revisions is outlined in a Power Point presentation which has been made available to Presbytery Pastoral Relations Conveners and is posted below along with other resources to be used in the newly revised processes. Because some Pastoral Charges had begun JNAC work in the old system, the Settlement Commission determined that any JNAC processes that were complete and ready for next steps could be approved by the Presbyteries up until January 31, 2017. Any processes just beginning or ongoing beyond January 31, 2017, would be resourced by the Settlement Commission, using the new process. The Settlement Commission also continues to resource the search processes with a few changes to that system as well effective immediately.  Patience during this time of transition would be greatly appreciated.  Questions can be directed to the Conference Personnel Minister, Judy Hare ( or any member of the Conference Settlement Commission.




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