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Conference Bursary Fund – Application Form

financial assistance for candidates for Order of Ministry (ordained or diaconal) AND applicants in the Designated Lay Ministry Program

Conference Bursary Application Form
PURPOSE: “The purpose of the Conference Bursary Fund is to financially assist promising candidates for Order of Ministry (ordained or diaconal) and persons in the Designated Lay Minister program, to qualify for leadership in the church.”

Important: Deadline Date is May 31st.


c/o Shirley May
659 Borebank St.
Winnipeg, MB.
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1. Each applicant will be treated individually.

2. The amounts distributed will be determined by: the available funds the nature of the request the total number of requests

3. Available monies to be allocated by consensus of the Bursary Fund Committee.

4. Normally, the amount of money available for disbursement is determined by the amount on hand.

5. No awards will be granted for post-graduate theological studies or continuing education programs.

6. The Conference Bursary Fund will be available only to candidates for the Order of Ministry and applicants in the Designated Lay Minister program from the Conference of Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario and must be registered in theological studies.

7. First and second time applicants will be given preference.

8. Applicants will be advised by letter of the Committee’s decision.

Conference Individual Learning Grant


This fund is available to support both ministry and lay leadership of the United Church with the cost of learning events.

Please attach a copy of event brochure, course description, etc. to your application


In late 2003, the General Council Executive approved a proposal from the Faith formation and Education Unit to “reshape and reinvest in” continuing education for the denomination. The new plan emphasizes both the individual and community dimensions of learning and acknowledges that different parts of the church take on different roles and responsibilities. In March 2004,
Congregational Learning Grants became available for individual grants. Our Conference portion is $9,250. 70% of the funds will be distributed by Conference in the first half of the year and 30% in the second half.

( (Note: Applications for National Learning Circles are available at http://www.united-in-learning.com/index.php/national-learning-circles ).

The following criteria apply to individual grant applications in the Conference of Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario.

1.  Applications must be submitted prior to the scheduled date of the event.

2.  Preference will be given to events sponsored or endorsed by The United Church of Canada.

3.  Travel costs will be paid for at the most economical and practical form of transportation. Mileage rate is .41cents per kilometer.

4.  It is expected that Pastoral Charge or employing unit will make a contribution of at least 1/3 of the cost; personal contribution will be of at least an equal 1/3 amount.

5. The maximum provided by this fund is $300 each per year, per person.

6.  It is expected that you will discuss your participation in the event with your employing unit and their signature is required on the form.

7.  Extraordinary circumstances may be taken into consideration by the Conference. It is understood that these circumstances are without prejudice and do not serve to set a precedent.

8.  The national church would like an evaluation of the results of this educational opportunity. (For example, What did you learn at this event? What knowledge or skills have you gained from this? How will this learning experience affect your leadership? What actions will you take in your ministry as a result of this experience? Please send your comments to the Conference Office. These will be gathered and forwarded with a report to General Council, Faith Formation and Education Unit.

For more information contact Linda Firman at the Conference Office
: 204-233-8911, ext. 4 or lfirman@confmnwo.mb.ca

Individual Learning Grant Application



Bursaries and Scholarships available through the National Office

Bill Lord Bursary in Continuing Education – assists those in ministry who want to increase their skills or further their theological education by participating in courses offered at The Toronto School of Theology.

Davidson Trust Award – is awarded for excellence in teaching and scholarship in theological education.

The McGeachy Senior Scholarship – to develop leaders who will provide the United Church with discernment and direction that inspire and challenge the church towards creative and faithful mission.

W. Norman McLeod Scholarship – available to people engaged in postgraduate education and intending to serve the United Church.



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