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Current Ministry Vacancy Postings




Renewal of Appointments

It is the time of year for Pastoral Charges to begin processes related to the renewal of appointments for student supply, united supply and retired supply ministry personnel.  Initial motions must be through the local governing Board/Council/Office Board by March 31, 2018.  All forms must be in to the Conference Office by no later than noon on Friday, June 8, for a July 1st start date.
Any pastoral charges who have been using Ministry Personnel for pulpit supply for more than “occasion use“ (a few time per calendar year, especially in setting where there is no regular Called/Settled or Appointment Ministry Personnel) are required to ensure that appointments are made as well.  See memo below for details.

>> Renewing Appointments



Requests for Retirement

Any person contemplating retirement before the end of December 2018 please read the memo below for information about timelines, processes and options for participation in conference recognition services.

>> Retirement Process

>> Request to Retire Form



Renewal of Licensing for Sacraments Elders

In response to questions to the Personnel Minister, pastoral charges and presbyteries holding spring meetings are reminded of the need to process requests for renewals of Licences for Sacraments Elders for the July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019 Pastoral Year.  Presbyteries need to include the name of the Pastoral Charge Supervisor for the new Pastoral Year (2018-2019) when they submit the form.  Forms will be processed by the Conference  Executive/Sub-Executive in June, 2018. 

>> Renewal of Licenses for Sacrament Elders 2018

>> Licensing to Administer the Sacraments 2018



Clarification of Credential Requirements for Active Retained & Retired Ministry Personnel
A Police Records Check (added no earlier than June 30, 2011) and completion of the mandatory trainings (Boundaries and any updates every 5 years and Racial Justice) are required of ALL Ministry Personnel (active, retained or retired) who want to be available to perform any of the functions of ministry including weddings, funerals, occasional pulpit supply or to take a Retired Supply Appointment.  Dates for online trainings are available through United-in-Learning.
It has been the practise of the Conference of Manitoba & Northwestern Ontario in the past to continue the licenses of Ministry Personnel to perform marriages after their retirement or while they are Retained on the Roll.  It will now be assumed that Ministry Personnel who have not completed the trainings and presented a Police Records Check to their Presbytery Pastoral Relations Convener by May 01, 2018 do not intend on exercising any of the functions of ministry and we will initiate cancellation of Licenses to Perform Marriages. Those Ministry Personnel will be retained on the Roll of a Presbytery /Conference as inactive -regularly retired or retained.
Cost associated with Police Records Check are currently born by the individual Ministry Personnel. Moving forward Ministry Personnel will complete a self- declaration of their status through an online form available soon. This will eliminate any future costs.  

New Form Requirement – Self Declaration

Changes to the Police Records Check Policy of the United Church of Canada passed in 2017 require that all Ministry Personnel who plan on performing any of the functions of ministry even on an occasional basis (i.e. pulpit supply, funerals, pastoral care) or want to be eligible for Call/Settlement or Appointment are now required to complete the “Self Declaration
in Respect to Criminal Charges and/or Criminal Record”. To complete the form you require your Pension I.D. number (which is the number on your Green Shield Health Card) and the date of your most recent Police Records Check. Please note that if you are not on the UCC Benefits Plan you can enter 0 in the Pension I.D. You must have a Police Records Check dated later than June 30, 2011 in order to be able to complete the form. If your most recent Police Records Check is before that date it is considered outdated and you must get a new one before completing this form. If this policy remains in place this may be the LAST Police Records Check that you are required to get for UCC.
Please click here for the online form
>> Online Self Declaration Form
Please read the footnote of the online form that data from the online filing may be stored in the U.S.A. A copy of this form comes to the Conference Personnel Minister automatically for inclusion in your Personnel file.
Some Ministry Personnel have expressed concerns about  their personal data being stored in the U.S.A. Because of this we are offering the option to print and complete the version below which we are asking you to sign /date and return to the Conference Personnel Minister via  scanned email ( or regular post (United Church Conference of MNWO, 1622B St. Mary’s Rd, Winnipeg, MB R2M 3W7) for inclusion in your Personnel file:
>> Printable Self Declaration Form

Boundaries Requirements

Ministry Personnel who have not taken an online refresher in 2016/2017 or were not able to attend a two-part, face to face presentation at a Presbytery meeting AND who took their introductory Boundaries training before July 1, 2013 are now required to take ONE of the online refreshers.
Some Ministry Personnel are not familiar or comfortable with the Adobe Connect program used for the webinar or prefer to be present with others while taking these trainings. There will be space for up to 10 people at the Conference Office for the next Introductory webinar on October 18, 2018.If you wish to be among those at the Conference Office on October 18, 2018, please register online at  indicating that you have already paid for this course and also email Judy before October 12, 2018 to reserve a space at the office on a first come first serve basis ( We are only required to pay one registration fee per group so the Personnel Minister will arrange for that to happen for those gathering at the Conference office. The names of all participants will be recorded through United-In-Learning and certificates of participation will be issued to all as per participants in the other trainings.
If others taking refresher training would like to do so in a group format please contact the Conference Personnel Minister for details on how to arrange that.  The other boundaries refreshers scheduled on the United-In-Learning website:
October 23, 2018 or November 14, 2018 –  Social Media Refresher
November 29, 2018 or December 7, 2018 – Finance and Gifts Refresher
If you wish to take one of these trainings, please continue to check website and register online at:
Please take one of the courses as soon as possible OR at least register for one of the online courses and be able to share your proof of registration with Conference Personnel Minister.
If you are unclear about what trainings are required for you, please contact your Presbytery Pastoral Relations Convener next week after we have had the chance to re-issue the latest update lists to them.
Agassiz: Julie Baker-
Assiniboine: David Howell 
Cambrian: Joy
Northland: Linda
Selkirk: Mona
Winnipeg: Mary Best- 

We are continuing to work at getting copies of certificates and information related to Ministers’ own personal status regarding the completion of Introductory Boundaries training, Refresher Boundaries training, Racial Justice Training, Police Records Check and enrollment in the New Compensation Model. 



Canada Revenue Agency Info for Form T1213




Bursary and Scholarship Information

For a listing of bursaries and funds available for both paid-accountable ministry and lay persons see bursary info



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Duty of Care

The Duty of Care Program works with ministries to protect individuals through developing, implementing, and monitoring compliance with administrative standards.

Exercising a duty of care involves taking steps to avoid causing foreseeable harm to another person or her/his/their property.


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