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Welcome to the Official Website of the Conference of Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario

We are proud to have been recognized as
the first Affirming Conference in the United Church of Canada.

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Affirm Designation

  In order to be designated as an Affirming Ministry, our Conference ministry has gone through an educational/discernment process that reflects on what it means to be inclusive.  We evaluate our ministry’s openness to the ongoing work of being intentional about how we include others within our life and work .
We  look at a variety of areas that may be barriers to those coming to our community –
age, gender, race, ability, class, economic status and, in particular to the Affirming Ministry process, sexual orientation and gender identity.

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Organizational Structure



Pastoral Charge

  Pastoral charges may include one or more worshiping congregations (churches) under the spiritual leadership of a minister and a governing council/board.
The Conference of Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario has close to 160 pastoral charges located  in 6 Presbyteries.



 An administrative grouping of pastoral charges in a local area. Lay and ministerial delegates from the charges meet regularly to oversee the work of the charges.  There are 86 presbyteries in the United Church of Canada, 6 of which are in the Conference of Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario.




An administrative grouping of presbyteries in a regional area.
Lay and ministerial delegates from the presbyteries currently meet annually at our
Conference Annual Meeting.
Staff in Conference offices work with predominantly with presbyteries, local pastoral charges,
outreach ministries, and incorporated bodies such as United Church camps.
There are 13 Conferences in the United Church of Canada including
the Conference of Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario.

General Council session

General Council 

Currently every three years elected representatives (both lay and ministry staff) from all 13 Conferences
gather together to meet,discuss, and make decisions church policy.
An Executive and Sub-Executive govern between meetings of the council.
Policy is implemented through four permanent committees of the General Council and a staff group organized into 7 working units. There are also about 50 committees and task groups, composed of voting members from across the country and General Council staff as corresponding members.


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This online service will assist you in finding addresses, phone numbers, and websites (if available) for all of the United Church’s congregations,
pastoral charges, presbyteries, and Conferences throughout Canada.


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