2017 Conference Annual Meeting Highlights

By Maggie Zoske
May 31, 2017

Conference of Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario

2017 Annual Meeting Highlights



Worship was led by Craig Miller and his team of Connie Budd, Adrian Jacobs, Suzie MacPherson Derendy, Jan Van Aertselaer.  The theme for worship was Walk this Way! Exploring the Relationship between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Peoples of Canada in Church and Society.  Links to transcripts of Craig’s Thursday evening remarks and Adrian Jacob’s Friday morning remarks can be found here

>>> Craig Miller’s Remarks

>>> Adrian Jacobs’ Remarks



Music was let by Carol Zacharias and her team of Dorcas Windsor, Quentin Robinson, Jim Jackson, Gaye Boese, Shirley McLaren, Peggy Reid and Brenda Shodin.


President’s Report: 

President Joey’s report was on Thursday evening and his remarks can be found here >>> President’s Speech


General Council Report: 

The General Council report was given by our representatives on the General Council Executive, Ken DeLisle and Anna Stewart as well as our General Council Staff representatives Jenny Stephens and Kristine Greenaway.  More detailed information can be found here >>> General Council Report


United Nations Declaration for the Rights of Indigenous Peoples: 

Joanne Kury and Erin McIntyre Garrick led us in an education time on the UN Declaration.  The video and more resources for congregations to use to learn more about this can be found here >>> UN Declaration for the Rights of Indigenous Peoples


Finance Report:

Treasurer Rob Smith led us through the financial statements, draft budget and Audited Financial Statements and the court approved up to a 1% increase in Presbytery Assessments.  Shannon McCarthy reported that a General Council grant of $50,000 for 2018 was approved by the GC Executive, which is up from no grant at all.  We were able to receive this grant due to increased returns on investments and the generosity of BC and Toronto Conferences taking no grants in 2016, 2017 and 2018.


Executive Secretary’s Report:

Shannon McCarthy’s notes can be found here >>> Executive Secretary’s Report, as well as a letter from Nora Sanders, General Secretary with more information about Remit next steps >>> Letter from Nora Sanders, General Secretary.


Interfaith Panel Discussion: 

On Friday evening we had a panel discussion on Islamaphobia, Antisemitism and Racism hosted by Loraine MacKenzie Shepherd.  The panel consisted of Belle Jarnewski, Michael Redhed Champagne, Moderator Jordan Cantwell, and Shahina Siddiqui.  A video was played at the beginning of the session and it can be found here >>> Video.  A full video of the session is posted at www.uccagm2017.com



On Saturday participants had an opportunity to participate in a variety of workshops the full list can be found here >>> Workshops Schedule


Retiree’s Banquet:

On Saturday evening we celebrated our retirees and heard speeches from 10 of our 13 retirees.  Those who retired since July 1, 2016 were: Dawn Ballentine-Dickson, Janice Campbell, Robert Campbell, Bruce Faurshou, George Feenstra, Allison Halstead, Cheryl Kinney Matheson, Beth McLean, Marianne Olfrey, Heather Robbins, Nancy Sanders, Marg Scott, and Sharon Wilson.


Celebration of Ministries Service:

On Sunday morning we held our Celebration of Ministries Service with Craig Miller as Liturgist, Moderator Jordan Cantwell leading us in the Children’s Theme Conversation and Preaching, President Joey Dearborn and Executive Secretary Shannon McCarthy presiding over the Commissioning and Communion.  Josh Ward was Commissioned into Diaconal Ministry and Betty Kelly was installed as our new President.


Videos of the whole Conference except the Saturday workshops are available here >>> www.uccagm2017.com


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